When God Shatters Your Dreams…

April 15, 2016. 1 year tomorrow. The day Layne asked me to spend forever with him. One of the happiest days of my life, but now I dread. All week I’ve been sick anticipating this day. 
You see when Layne died, I didn’t just lose him, but it seems like all my plans, hopes and dreams died along with him. I had a godly, loving fiancé who was the perfect match for me, and we had our dream wedding planned to a T. We were finally figuring everything out and knew where we wanted to live and where we would build our dream house. We had our cattle operation planned. We knew our future children’s names. We even had future family vacations planned! Now, I’ll never marry Layne or pick out the best calves with him or raise a family with him. Some of these dreams I may never get to live out, or maybe I will, but it won’t be with Layne. 

Sometimes God shatters our dreams and changes our plans, even if you’ve prayed and really thought you were following God’s plan. 

Here’s the thing though: God has a plan and a reason for everything and His plans are far better than any of mine. 

In Job, we learn that Job lost his children, servants, livestock, and became ill. However, God provided and “gave him twice as much as he had before.” In Ruth, we learn that Ruth loses her husband, but she is obedient and faithful to her mother-in-law and God. She goes from a poor widow without children to a prosperous wife with children.  These are great examples of Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

Right now I’m clinging to Job 11:18- “Having hope will give courage.” I have hope for a happy and bright future provided by God, so that gives me courage to take on my grief and sadness to get there💕

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  1. Yes God has a plan for your future…He always has…is it what you thought it would be Absolutely Not…but you have be Courageous and lean on God, family and friends so that you keep the faith and Hope…praying for you and your future sweet Hannah!!

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  2. Yes God has a plan for our future and a timing and He proves to us that he only takes the best. It sounds like Layne was an amazing man who will be greatly missed and I really wish I could have met him. Your a strong woman I haven’t met you in person only through Facebook but for all you have been through and your family and friends and God on your side you will make it through just fine my prayers are with you always 🙏🏼✝️❤️ R.I.P Layne 🎈💙🎈

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  3. You probably would not understand how much this has encouraged me…..can’t help the trickling tears. My wife of apprx 9 months passed away last month, May 12 2017. Nothing ever made any real sense to me since the passing away….like I stopped living. Thanks so much for this & God bless you.

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    1. Victor, I am so sorry for your loss. I’m glad my story gave you encouragement. I will be praying for you during this sad and hard time in your life. May God give you comfort, peace and strength.❤️


  4. “I didn’t tell you to pack away your dreams.” This is a line from the story behind Ellie Holcomb’s “Red Sea Road” song. (http://shereadstruth.com/2017/01/25/ellie-holcombs-red-sea-road-exclusively-on-the-srt-app/). She goes on to say about the woman who was grieving – “In the wake of all the grief, God was gently reminding her that Hope doesn’t belong in a box (of memories). Hope rises up from an empty grave. Hope helps us stare into the face of everything we have lost and every pain we’ve endured and every pain we’ve caused, and it says, ‘There’s more than this. There is healing ahead.’”

    Ellie read an Ann Voskamp blog where Ann told a story about God making a way – “we believe that an unseen Hope makes a Red Sea Road when there seems to be no way.” This blog and the story above led Ellie to write the title song off her album, “Red Sea Road.” One verse of the song goes, “We will sing to our souls; We won’t bury our hope; Where He leads us to go, there’s a Red Sea Road; When we can’t see the way, He will part the waves; And we’ll never walk alone down the Red Sea Road.”

    After I lost my young wife of 14 years suddenly in 2014, it helped me to understand grief when someone said grief will be like “waves in the ocean.” There would be waves that would just lap at my waist or legs, there would be waves that would make me stumble, and there would be those that would knock me off my feet. (This was well illustrated 7 months later when I joined my family in Destin, FL for a beach vacation.) Now, after reading the above article a few times and listening to Ellie’s song a few times, I have begun to change my viewpoint and I’m looking for the “Red Sea Road” through these “waves” of grief. I haven’t found it just yet, but it’s there, because our God is good and faithful to provide one and show me (us) His path (His road).

    God hates death, though He loves to greet His saints on the other side! Satan is the purveyor of death, not God. God designed us for life, so I think that is why death is so hard to fathom and deal with.

    You didn’t “lose” Layne, for you know right where he is! But, I’m so sorry for his death, and the death of all of your shared plans and dreams! I’m sorry that your best friend isn’t by your side; that he isn’t there with you to share everything about your day, and all the other little things that are so big in our love relationships.

    You are doing a great job of honoring Layne’s life, as well as your beautiful love story together!

    Praying for you, Hannah!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment and for reading my blog! How true that grief is like waves!! I think that is such an accurate analogy. Thank you for your prayers and may God continue to give you comfort and strength through your grief journey.


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